Enterprise Education – Skills for learning, life and work

We believe in helping young people be more enterprising in everything they do!
We focus on building an enterprising mindset for success now and into the future. Skills for learning, life and work.

It is vital to give students access to quality Enterprise Education that will help them not only today, but as they move to the next stage of their education, training, employment or self-employment.

Enterprise Education is not business studies. Entrepreneurship is only one of the possible outcomes. Instead, we work with young people to introduce a set of capabilities, skills and a mindset which they can apply to whatever they do.

A young person today is likely to have at least 17 jobs across 5 industries over their lifetimes! They are going to need to be entrepreneurial and innovative to manage the diverse stages of their career. They will need to become job creators in their future, rather than being job seekers.

Teachers are increasingly incorporating enterprise learning in their classrooms to help students learn about the workplace and to inspire students to reach their full potential.

Young Australians need to have an enterprising mindset to make better, more informed decisions about their future, as well as to help succeed at current studies and in life.  An enterprising mindset involves skills such as:

  • the ability to think critically & assess information
  • solve problems
  • work in teams
  • be innovative and flexible
  • be able to communicate with impact
  • be creative and confident
  • build effective relationships
  • be digital and financially savvy 
  • AND be continually developing a great personal brand

Our programs aim to raise each participate’s enterprise mindset and intelligence.

Below are some pages from our “In-School Programs” booklet…
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