TRIPOD Enterprise Education – Skills for learning, life and work

We believe in activating young people to be more enterprising! Enterprising young people are typically optimistic about their future and have raised aspirations for further education, training, employment and self-employment. We focus on helping young people be ‘FUTURE READY‘ by introducing a portfolio of capabilities, critical skills and an enterprising mindset to help them succeed and navigate the complex and uncertain new world of work.

The need for young people to be enterprising to both cope and thrive has never been greater.

Developing an enterprising culture is vital to Australia’s social and economic prosperity. The foundations of enterprise learnings are best developed through Enterprise Programs that begin early in junior school and build consistently, year on year, throughout senior school and beyond.

We specialise in Enterprise Education and design and deliver intensive, immersive learning experiences that aim to raise each participants enterprise mindset and intelligence so that they are better prepared for the future. We have a range of learning modules that can be used to custom build 1/2 day programs through to multi day programs (for example 5 day programs). We deliver in-school programs to all senior school levels, as well as programs for all junior school levels under our “Mini BOSS Projects” label. We also do conferences – see ‘Youth Conference’ and ‘Adult Conference’ for program overviews…


   Junior School Programs (Years Prep-6)                Senior School Programs (Years 7-12)               Youth Conferences + Adult Conferences


Enterprise Education is not business studies. Entrepreneurship is only one of the possible outcomes. Instead, we work with young people to introduce a portfolio of capabilities, critical skills and an enterprising mindset which they can apply to whatever they do. A young person today is likely to have at least 17 jobs across 5 industries and live in 15 homes over their lifetimes! They will need to be entrepreneurial and innovative to manage the diverse stages of their career and life. They will need to be job creators, rather than job seekers.

The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) recently analysed 4.2 million online jobs postings to definitively uncover what employers want. One of the key findings was that “jobs of the future demand enterprise skills 70% more than jobs of the past” and that “more employers are demanding enterprising skills among young employees.” For example, demand for digital skills went up 212% over three years, while critical thinking increased 158%, creativity increased by 65% and presentation skills by 25%. Enterprise skills are the transferable, portable skills that help young people succeed and navigate careers across a range of industries and professions. Enterprising skills can also be a more powerful predictor of long-term job success and performance than technical knowledge.

An enterprising mindset involves a portfolio of enterprise skills. Currently, employers and industry are clearly and strongly articulating that these are missing or underdeveloped. These critical enterprise skills include:

– The ability to think critically & assess information
– Solve problems
– Work in teams
– Be innovative and flexible
– Be able to communicate with impact
– Be creative and confident
– Build effective relationships
– Be digital and financially literate
– AND be continually developing a great personal brand

Our programs provide intensive, immersive learning experiences that aim to raise each participants enterprise mindset and intelligence so that they are better prepared…FUTURE READY.

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