Crack It

Half Day to Crack the Code

In this incursion, students race against the clock to complete pressurised STEM and problem based challenges. Each successful challenge will earn them clues to decipher the locks that seal shut a chained and locked briefcase.
The challenges are designed to build resilience in teams, with the outcome not being that every team will be successful at every challenge.

Crack It! is a high energy, fast-paced program that places a huge emphasis on teamwork, communication, problem solving and critical thinking


Prices range from $15-$20 per student plus GST.
Package rates available for multiple year level bookings and whole of school programs.
Minimum numbers apply, get in touch for more information.

Program Information

  • This program is run as a Half Day session.
  • This program can be run with up to 60 students at a time (speak to us about options for more students as this is also possible).
  • A large open learning space or classrooms will be required.
  • Access to a projector (with sound) required.
  • Student supervision by teachers is required throughout the session.
  • All supplies required to run the program are supplied by Mini BOSS.

Program Enquiry