The Superhero In You

Full Day to Discovery The Superhero In You!

MiniBOSS wants to help schools kick off 2020 by giving students the tools to create strong, meaningful relationships with one another and their school community. “The Superhero in You” is a special program delivered in term 1, for any year level as a get to know you incursion that has the advantage of having an optional “Buddy” program which gives foundation students the ability to work together with and bond with their year 6 buddies.

“The Superhero in You” incursion day aims to create positive behaviour and build students self esteem, self awareness, a range of social skills and capabilities, as well as developing a strong sense of community while working co-operatively with others.

Working in teams, students get to:

  • Make their own superhero masks based on their own “superpowers”
  • Create a class jingle and pledge
  • Design a classroom mascot
  • Come up with strategies to achieve shared goals for the year
  • Learn how to build and maintain a positive, inclusive classroom culture based on community – understanding classroom values and positive behaviour for learning

Super Buddies Program

MiniBOSS “Super Buddies” is a Buddy Program that is an extension of The Superhero program and aims to build meaningful bonds between foundation students and their buddies. The program offers an opportunity for prep buddies to feel connected not only with their older buddies but also the wider school community.

Older buddies work together with their younger buddies to help them learn about and understand themselves whilst giving older buddies a platform to demonstrate a range of capabilities and skills such as leadership, responsibility, communications skills and civics and citizenship principles.


Prices range from $15-$25 per student plus GST.
Package rates available for multiple year level bookings and whole of school programs.
Minimum numbers apply, get in touch for more information.

Program Information

  • “The Superhero in You” and “Super Buddies” are special term one programs, booked as Full-Half Day incursions.
  • This program can be run with up to 120 students at a time (speak to us about options for more students as this is also possible).
  • A gymnasium, hall, or large open learning space will be required (Classrooms can be used for smaller groups).
  • Access to powerpoints required.
  • Access to a projector required.
  • Student supervision by teachers is required throughout the session.
  • All worksheets and supplies required to run the program are supplied by Mini BOSS.

Program Enquiry