VCAL Programs

The Ultimate Challenge!

Tripod! VCAL programs immerse students in a real-life, working environment. Students are challenged to devise, develop and deliver a business project that will make a change, big or small, in their world.

These programs enable students to develop the key enterprise skills that will be most in demand, highly portable and critical for their success now and into their future. The programs focus on key enterprise skills such as critical thinking, creativity, digital literacy, presentation skills, problem solving, team work, financial literacy and communication skills; the skills that underpin the Work Related Skills units.

Tripod! VCAL programs are very much about building confidence and motivating students to excel in their VCAL education. The programs can be run in individual schools or as inter-school projects with local schools. The inter-school option offers an excellent opportunity for students to network and gain a broader experience and great for teachers to share knowledge and resources. One of the specific outcomes of the programs is to improve the profile and perception of VCAL within the community.


Pricing depends on the duration of program, number of students and number of schools participating.
Package rates available for multiple year level bookings and whole of school programs.
Minimum numbers apply, get in touch for more information.

Program Information

  • This program can be booked as a One-Multiple Days (for example term long programs).
  • This program can be run with up to 120 students at a time (speak to us about options for more students as this is also possible).
  • A gymnasium, hall, or large open learning space will be required (Classrooms can be used for smaller groups).
  • Access to a projector required.
  • Student supervision by teachers is required throughout the session.
  • All supplies required to run the program are supplied by TRIPOD.

Program Enquiry