Junior Incursions

Mini BOSS Incursions have been specifically designed as hands-on projects for junior school aged children in Years Prep-6. Our incursions range from 90 Minutes to Full Day and help students connect the dots between learning and their future by allowing them to understand and develop the key skills that will be critical to their future success.

Our incursions fit especially well with Inquiry Based Learning and STEM education. Our incursions can be mapped to the Victorian Curriculum as required, supporting curriculum areas and capabilities such as:

  • The Arts
  • Personal and Social
  • Critical and Creative Thinking

  • English
  • Science
  • Economics and Business

  • Mathematics
  • Technologies
  • Health and Wellness Units

Let us know what you’re looking for – we’re more than happy to tailor a program to suit your needs! 

Prices range from $12-$25 per student plus GST, minimum numbers apply.
*** Package rates available for multiple year level bookings and whole of school programs

Our incursions are highly engaging and have been designed to achieve a range of desired learning outcomes that can be customised to your school’s
individual requirements. Teacher PD, parent workshops, camp and holiday programs also available.

We can also design programs for specific curriculum requirements.

Below are some pages from our “Mini BOSS Incursions” booklet…
To find out more about Mini BOSS Incursions, please contact Duncan MacRae our Program Director on 0417 268 710.
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To find out more, give Duncan a call! Email duncan@drivenoutcomes.com.au or phone 0417 268 710.

Enterprise Education in Primary Schools Contributes to Critical Skill Development

The modern job market is a tough and competitive place, yet many young people entering this arena today do so without all the skills and assets they could use to succeed. As a result, enterprise education in primary schools continues to gain in popularity. Using tailored in school programs, our Mini BOSS entrepreneur classes for kids offer educators the opportunity to teach real-world skills in ways that allow children to understand their greater importance. These fun, creative enterprise education programs yield rich outcomes and foster teamwork, communication, and the skills employers want to see.

Mini BOSS enterprise education for kids pairs seamlessly with STEM programs in Melbourne alongside other schools using inquiry-based educational models. By mapping directly to the Victorian Curriculum, we can easily customise and tweak each of our incursions to directly correlate to the learning goals you work to achieve. From learning how to develop a business idea to hands-on fun such as creating unique bath bombs, every incursion delivers valuable skills acquisition in a way that will truly engage and excite your students. With affordable costs per student, more educators can access these solutions as well.

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of enterprise education in primary school? Let’s start a conversation to explore how we can help and where Tripod’s Mini BOSS Incursions can fit into your curriculum in Melbourne or Victoria. Reach out to us online today — we look forward to hearing from you!

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