Senior Programs

Skills for learning, life and work

We provide real-world, immersive experiences to equip students with the SKILLS, TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE (the TRIPOD) critical for their future success. Our programs allow students to explore, activate and develop key tools and skills like critical and creative thinking, teamwork, problem solving, communication, presentation, digital and financial literacy.

During our programs students have the opportunity to experience a series of enterprise activities that have been specifically designed to help prepare students for realistic high-pressure situation that they may encounter in learning, life and work.

Our programs are highly engaging, multi-sensory and will challenge ways of thinking. We don’t do one size fits all. We work with teachers, students and school community to understand the current level of enterprise intelligence. We then design and deliver a program customised to specific needs and desired learning outcomes. Our formats typically include: Plenary Discussions, Workshop Activities and Mini Challenges.

Our programs are designed as both stand alone and whole of school programs. The programs can be integrated from years 7 to 12 and range from hours of power through to multiple days and term long programs. We can also design programs for specific curriculum requirements.

Our programs can be mapped to the Victorian Curriculum, Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework and can be customised to your school’s individual requirements.

Our programs include:

Below are some pages from our “Senior School Program” booklet…
To find out more about our range of In-School Programs, please contact Betsy Tolmer our Program Director on 0404 301 786.

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