Enterprise Education

What is Enterprise Education?

For young Australians the future is going to look very, very different from today. Currently the world is experiencing the most significant disruption in the world of work since the Industrial Revolution. Thus, the need for young people to be enterprising to cope and thrive has never been greater.

Enterprise Education is not business studies. Entrepreneurship is only one of the possible outcomes. Instead, we work with young people to introduce a portfolio of capabilities, critical skills and an enterprising mindset which they can apply to whatever they do.
An enterprising mindset involves:

– The ability to think critically & assess information
– Solve problems
– Work in teams
– Be innovative and flexible
– Be able to communicate with impact
– Be creative and confident
– Build effective relationships
– Be digital and financially literate
– AND be continually developing a great personal brand

Currently, employers and industry are clearly and strongly articulating that these skills are missing or underdeveloped.

How can we develop an Enterprise Mindset in young people?

Young people require opportunities to develop enterprising skills that enable them to successfully and confidently manage learning, life, and the world of work.

Enterprising young people are typically more optimistic about their future and have raised aspirations for further education, training, employment and self-employment.

Developing and enterprising culture is vital to Australia’s future prosperity. Enterprise learnings are best developed through enterprise experiences that begin in junior school and build consistently, year on year, throughout senior school. Mini BOSS junior programs and TRIPOD senior programs have been specifically designed with the aim of raising the ENTERPRISE MINDSET & INTELLIGENCE of each student, as well as the whole school community.

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