The Time Capsule

Past, Present & Future You!

Knowing who you are and what you want to achieve can be tricky! In teams, students have the opportunity to interview one another to create a podcast exploring who they are as individuals and as a team, and what their hopes and goals are for the future.


  • Self-awareness and recognition of own interests, hopes and values in order to set goals for the future
  • Draw comparisons of how their own identities and beliefs might be different or similar to those of others
  • Practice interviewing skills and questioning techniques
  • Explore developing ideas and working in a team environment
  • Develop use of project management processes to coordinate tasks and meet deadlines
  • Enhance presentation skills and ability to use media elements and digital technologies in order to engage an audience


Prices start at $25 per student plus GST.
Package rates available for multiple year level bookings and whole of school programs.
Minimum numbers apply, get in touch for more information.

Program Information

  • This program is run as a Full Day session. Speak to us about specific requirements.
  • This program can be run with up to 120 students at a time (speak to us about options for more students as this is also possible).
  • A gymnasium, hall, or large open learning space will be required (Classrooms can be used for smaller groups).
  • Access to a projector required.
  • Student supervision by teachers is required throughout the session.
  • All supplies required to run the program are supplied by TRIPOD.

Program Enquiry